Remember the woman who went on dates to save money on groceries?

Remember the woman who went on dates to save money on groceries?

Apparently, she exaggerated things a bit...

Couple having dinner in a restaurant
Couple having dinner in a restaurant/Pexels/@Jep Gambardella

Dating has its pros and cons, any serial dater will tell you that. 

But we rarely find people who use dating to supplement their expenses, well, outside of the stereotypical 'gold digger'. 

A woman who shared a video in 2021 that went viral made some bold claims about going on dates six days a week over two years and that's how she avoided paying for groceries. 

Check out the video, courtesy of TikTok

@yourrichbff Between 2016-2018 I didnt buy groceries once. Probably saved about $150 a week. #money #lifehack #finance #dating #nyc ♬ jealous girl lana del rey - h.🦦

"Now in an interview with Elite Daily, Tu has admitted to her 2.3 million followers that the video was made “jokingly” and she “didn’t start going on dates just for food” - but she did notice her financial needs eased a bit when she was looking for love." (NZ Herald)

This was in an article published in early January 2024. 

She revealed that she used dating apps to find a connection, but she also noticed that going on dates eased her financial needs. She stood firmly with her answer that she didn't use dates to save money on buying food, but rather to make a love connection. 

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She explained that she lived in an expensive area of New York and food costs were pricier than other areas. 

While some people called her a girl boss, some didn't find what she did ethical. And we have to agree. 

It's one thing to make content that is relatable, but a whole other thing to create content that is misleading. 

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