Are certain television shows affecting your child's development?

Are certain television shows affecting your child's development?

It seems what we deem 'kid-friendly' isn't always friendly to kids' development...

CoComelon's Cody and his dad playing at the park
CoComelon's Cody and his dad playing at the park/Facebook/@CoComelon

When you think about kids' mainstream shows, you rarely question the effects they might have on your growing child. 

Perhaps that might be because we associate them with things that are positioned as good for kids. For instance, the attractive storyline, the guise of teaching (colours, good manners, counting, etc.), and the popularity. 

But all these things have a deeper meaning and as parents, we should concern ourselves with what is deemed kid-friendly versus what appears to be kid-friendly. 

A Forbes article said: "While many parents are rightly vigilant about avoiding kids shows with overtly inappropriate content—such as violence, sexual innuendos or explicit language—there are other subtle, malignant influences within children’s programming. These characteristics, often overlooked or underestimated, impact the developing minds of young viewers." 

An example of one of these overlooked characteristics is the 'pace' of kids' shows. Although it might seem that fast-paced kids' shows are appealing to young kids with their short and punchy storylines and messaging, it seems that these can have detrimental effects on your child's ability to plan, problem-solve, and control their impulses. 

"According to a 2011 study from the American Academy of Pediatrics, just nine minutes alone of exposure to fast-paced cartoons led to diminished executive functioning in preschool-aged children. The rapid succession of stimuli overwhelms the brain’s capacity to process information effectively, resulting in decreased attention spans and difficulties with self-regulation."

We can understand that this all seems like a contradiction, after all, the 'CoComelon' kids are firm favourites in many households, but if we dare look beyond the surface, we might see the effects. Monitor your kid's behaviour after watching this show and you might find some truth behind this supposition. 

It is important to note that television and screen time as a whole only engages two senses; sight and hearing. This coupled with the overstimulation of those senses from shows like 'CoComelon' leaves kids lacking in their sensory experiences which are necessary for "neural connections and cognitive skills". 


Thankfully, 'Bluey' passes the mark...

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