WATCH: Two men celebrate the new year with fireworks duel

WATCH: Two men celebrate the new year with fireworks duel

While most of us chose to enter 2021 with chilled and safe celebrations at home, two Russian men decided to enter the year in the most chaotic way possible.

Firework battle

This year, everyone's NYE celebrations and parties looked a bit different.

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Thanks to the crazy year that 2020 was, the lockdown, and the COVID-19 pandemic, across the world individuals were asked to stay home and stay safe.

While many were doing that, these two men in Balashikha, close to the Russian capital of Moscow, chose to do the exact opposite.

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The result was a fiery, sparkling battle that looks like a scene out of a 'Harry Potter' movie, just without the special effects and CGI.

Instead, the fireworks and the danger is VERY real.

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You can watch the "battle" below:

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While fireworks are beautiful and lovely to admire from afar, the keyword being 'far', they should never be used in such close proximity to others.

And they should definitely not be used as toys.

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Luckily, this time, no-one was harmed and local authorities are looking for these reckless fighters.

Please do not try this at home and remember: fireworks are dangerous.

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