Turns out Zama Khumalo also found love on the 'Idols SA' stage

Turns out Zama Khumalo also found love on the 'Idols SA' stage

It seems like the season 16 winner has left the competition with more than just a title and a thriving musical career...

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Unlike 'Love Island' or 'The Bachelor', 'Idols' isn't the reality show you go to in search of romance.

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Since it's a singing competition, one would think it would be quite difficult making friends, never mind falling in love, given that everyone is fighting for the title of South Africa's newest favourite singer.

But surprise, surprise, there have been many couples that have met on the glowing 'Idols' stages and now there is a new musical power couple in town.

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After much speculation, it's finally been confirmed: winner Zama Khumalo and fellow contestant Brandon Dhludhlu have confirmed they're dating!

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Speaking to The Sowetan, Brandon, who made it to the top 3 before being eliminated from the competition, confirmed the couple have been together for quite a while, actually.

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People are obviously curious as to how the couple made it work in the midst of a competition, which could have put a lot of strain on the relationship.

Brandon did mention that he was very aware of the fact that Zama was his strongest competitor, but they both agreed that they wouldn't let the competition come between them

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Well, they clearly did something right, seeing as how they have been together a whole six months and things are only getting more serious.

They've even met each other's parents!

Just as with their musical careers, we wish them all the best.

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