Scientists warn families against board games to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Scientists warn families against board games to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Monopoly has been known to cause quite the family feud, or in some extreme cases, the occasional breakup, but could this be the reason why scientists are urging families to stay away from board games?

Monopoly games

No, board game born fights are not the reasons why the scientific community is speaking up against this chosen past time this holiday season.

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Spending some time with your friends and family playing games can be a fun way of spending time together, but we are here to give you the perfect excuse if you want to skip game time.

Scientists want you to avoid getting those games out to help limit the potential spread of coronavirus.

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The proximity and touching of multiple game pieces is a breeding ground for the virus so they've said instead you should consider having a good old quiz night!

A scientific advisory group, Sage, has also given other tips and tricks families can use during the festive season to help combat the spread of the virus.

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Some of these notes include having children avoid getting too close to the elderly relatives, continuing to wash hands regularly, and not have kids sleeping in the same rooms.

We obviously want to spend time with our family and see them during this time, but let's do it smartly and safely so that we also don't potentially hurt the people we love. 

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