Gordon Ramsay reveals the one person who puts him in his place

Gordon Ramsay reveals the one person who puts him in his place

The culinary legend is known for being a hot-head, and quite scary to be honest, but apparently, there is someone who isn't afraid to tell him off.

Gordon and son

It's nothing new that Gordon Ramsay can be pretty harsh sometimes.

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Especially when he is in the kitchen.


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The British chef has made being rude, angry and using awful language his thing.


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But over the years we have also seen his softer side come out in shows such as Masterchef Junior and when he's in the kitchen surrounded by his family.

During an interview on 'The Drew Barrymore Show,' Gordon opened up about his fiery personality, his family life, and how he feels about feelings.

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While he was interviewed from home as if with perfect timing, his youngest son then enters the shot.

While holding Oscar, who is only 20 months old, he mentions that this is the only man who can put him in his place and he might still be very young, but he is showing signs of having a powerful character.

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Gordon and his wife Tana are the proud parents of five kids, Megan, twins Holly and Jack, Tilly, and the youngest Oscar.

Although Oscar might be responsible for keeping Gordon a little more chill, he has also caused some confusion when spotted with his father.

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Apparently, people don't believe that Oscar is indeed Gordon's son!

During a recent interview with 'Men's Health,' he further explained.    

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Well, he's clearly not showing any signs of calming down completely just yet.

But who knows, in a few years there might be a new Ramsay family member carrying the furious, fiery torch.

And his name could be Oscar.

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Main image courtesy of Gordon Ramsay Official Twitter

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