WATCH: A mom admits that her newborn didn't look like what she expected

WATCH: A mom admits that her newborn didn't look like what she expected

Well, this is quite the story...

WATCH: A mom admits that her newborn didn't look like what she expected her to look like
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When it comes to babies, we are all of the belief that all babies are cute. Well, that should at least be true from mothers, right? This was not the case with this mother, Lucy Baehr, who had experienced three miscarriages in seven years, and just assumed that babies were not on the cards. 

Little did she know that the universe had other plans for her and her family. After getting their third dog in September 2019, which they only got because they thought they could add another member to the family, they found out that they were expecting in February 2020. This was Lucy's miracle baby and she often imagined what her baby might look like...

When her beautiful baby girl arrived, Lucy said that she didn't know what to say except, "She's healthy..." Not exactly what many parents say or maybe there's more to this than many parents care to admit. 

Lucy posted a video on TikTok about her expectations of her newborn and how she would look, and the video got lots of attention overnight. It has even landed her an interview with the 'Today Show'. 

WATCH the TikTok video she made that went viral with more than 24-million views...


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We chatted with some ECR mothers and many of them agreed that most babies come out looking crinkled, smashed, and weird, which is completely normal. But that doesn't mean they aren't normal or that they grow up with any sort of complex. 

That's up to the parents. In true Carol Ofori spirit, it's important to talk to your kids and practicing open communication is the best way. She believes that it helps kids feel included, so just like Lucy, who was accused of possibly creating a self conscious daughter, we think she's pretty cool for being honest and opening up the floor for other mothers (and fathers). 

WATCH the video below of her being interviewed about the whole situation (Courtesy of YouTube):

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