Baby manicures: When is the right time to 'pamper' your baby?

Baby manicures: When is the right time to 'pamper' your baby?

We all love a pamper session, but since when was it acceptable to give a baby a stiletto manicure?

Baby manicures. How to recognize if you have gone too far pampering your baby?

Babies are just naturally perfect; their soft skin, their fresh smell, and their cute hands and feet. However, there seems to be a trend when it comes pampering your children and as much as the sentiment is nice, how far does a parent go to pamper their child and when is the appropriate age for pampering to start? 

We saw a post on Twitter that sparked this conversation and we wanted to delve into it a bit. 

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The big question about going too far is an understatement. A mere painting of your child's nails is pampering enough. What do you think? 

The above is what we think is (in quotation marks) "acceptable", we know it seems like we are choosing a side here but from all the bizarre things that we have seen online, this has got to be the one that hits the top of the list. 

Generally, parents to babies already have a difficult time with their nails because they grow so fast, which can become a hazard. So why would you willingly go into something like this?

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