WATCH: Baby's first word is 'Yeet' - what was your baby's first word?

WATCH: Baby's first word is "Yeet" - what was your baby's first word?

This uncle and niece duo have made a good impression online with their cute video about life lessons. 

WATCH: Uncle and niece go viral on YouTube
YouTube Screenshot/@GoodMorningAmerica

Do you remember your baby's first word/s? We can honestly say that it was one of the most memorable moments of our lives, hearing our little one saying their first words. 

Whether it made any sense or not is another story. This little girl and her uncle are creating some great 'aww' moments online and are making us think about how awesome babies really are.

Chris Rooney, an invested uncle, videos awesome moments with his niece from the time she is an infant and the moments they share are pretty much priceless. Their videos have been all the talk online and even led to a #CuddleChallenge last year. 

In a time where physical contact isn't something, we all gravitate towards the special moments this little girl gives us. Marleigh is a spunky little girl who seems to love the camera and is definitely entertaining, without aiming to be (like most kids). 

Watch the video that got over nine-million views on TikTok (video courtesy of TikTok):


I don’t think she likes unsweetened almond milk but I might be wrong 🤷‍♂️ ##idontlikeit ##almondmilk ##marleighforpresident2056

♬ original sound - Marleigh and Chris

We love the honesty that babies possess, there is no filter, which can sometimes be so refreshing. Marleigh has become the #YeetBaby and we gotta say, it sounds real 'G', if you know what we mean...

Then we noticed one of her most recent TikTok videos and she confirmed this sentiment in its entirety. Watch the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


Money is the only language I speak 😌💸

♬ original sound - Marleigh and Chris

After watching these two and their charismatic bond, it got us thinking about whether you can relate? Do you have those special moments captured on video? 

We would love to see some of your special moments with your kids. Share your baby's first words with us by commenting below. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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