Mum gives birth to second largest baby in the UK!

Baby Emelia is said to be the second largest baby in the UK!

A first-time mother, 21-year-old Amber Cumberland, gave birth to a bundle of joy, Emelia, who weighed in at 12lb 4oz, which roughly equates to over 5kg...

Mum gives birth to second largest baby in the UK!

Mothers, here's a story for you...

We are sure that when you hear what the amazing Amber gave birth to, you will give her a huge thumbs up (if that's even enough?).

Amber gave birth to her beautiful bundle of joy on 16 April and you won't believe how much her baby girl weighed?! She is believed to be the second largest baby born in the UK coming in at 12lb 4oz, which roughly calculates to over 5kg. 

Amber told LadBible: "Doctors thought it was twins during pregnancy because she was so big, even though we could only see one on the ultrasounds.

"When she came out, Scott's face was white and all the surgeons were looking at each other in shock and laughing - they brought her to me and said, 'Congratulations, you've had a toddler." 

Then she went on to say that both she and her partner, Scott, were so glad that there was only one baby and she was healthy. 

So often pregnancy brings with it many challenges and throughout it all, we are sure that the focal point for every mom-to-be is that her baby or babies are healthy and happy.

Amber posted on her Instagram when baby Emelia's due date had come and gone and some commented thinking that she was having more than one baby.

She went on to share with LadBible that it became a game whenever they would go out to the supermarket to see if they would receive a comment about the size of the baby bump and they always did. "My stomach muscles completely split to the point where the doctors could barely distinguish them during the C-section and said they were the worst they'd ever seen." 

Amber and Scott are completely in love with their little girl, who seems so unfazed by all the attention. The takeaway from this story for us has to be that parents and kids come in all different shapes and sizes and the main ingredient is definitely love. 

Here's to new mamas and dadas - we salute you!

Image Courtesy of Instagram 

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