WATCH: Anyone for a snake massage at the spa?

WATCH: Anyone for a snake massage at the spa?

Going to a spa and getting pampered is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but this new massage technique seems like the exact opposite...

snake massage

There are many types of massages out there.

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Swedish, deep tissue, sports, the list goes on.

Although they all might differ in technique and focus on specific things, all massages have the same benefits.

At the end of your session, you should feel less stressed and more relaxed, as it should relieve muscle pain and tension, and it can even improve your circulation.

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Even if you have never had a massage yourself, you have a good understanding of what it should look like and how it is done.

Many of these old techniques and methods have been adapted and improved over the years, with some incorporating more modern technology.

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What most of us can agree on is that it should almost NEVER include slithering snakes!

One spa in Cairo, Egypt would beg to differ.

Chill Out, owned by Safwat Sedki, has caught everyone's attention with its new massage therapy that uses live snakes during the treatment.

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He uses two types of nonvenomous snakes during the massage and he begins the session with small snakes called Abu Sweir and ends it off with a python.

But what exactly happens during this experience?

Sedki starts the massage by rubbing oil on the body, which generates heat and this is necessary for the snakes, as they thrive in high temperatures.

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The snakes then move along the body, quite haphazardly, moving in zigzag and circular patterns.

The movement of the snakes is boosting the blood circulation in the body which is only one of the benefits.

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He then removes the tinier snakes and replaces them with a large, heavy python. The python generates a more relaxing feeling as it squeezes on the body and this also reduces muscle tightness and pain. The tiny snakes are more ticklish and light.

You can watch a full video of this strange experience below:

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The session lasts between 20-40 minutes, depending on the customer's request.

Although this is incredibly strange, it has already garnered a cult following and is becoming more and more popular.

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According to, Sedki is not done unveiling weird and wacky techniques and says he has many more up his sleeve that he can't wait to unveil.

What could be next? Maybe creepy-crawly chiropractors!

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

Main image courtesy of Reuters/YouTube

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