#BadMomsClub: My 15-year-old daughter isn't allowed to date

#BadMomsClub: My 15-year-old daughter isn't allowed to date

It's that time of the week where Carol Ofori asks KZN to give you the best and worst advice they have to offer!

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Ah, the age-old question: "Is my child too young to be dating?"

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Being overprotective of your daughter or your little girl is basically a requirement for being a dad.

Sure, any parent should be protecting and looking out for their kids, but there's a reason why people can either be called a mama's boy or a daddy's girl.

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It's pretty much based on the fact that some fathers will do anything for their daughter and do not want them to be harmed in any way, especially by a teenage boy.

Mostly because fathers know what they were like when they were teens. 

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It seems like age isn't even the biggest concern as even Steve Harvey had a lot to say about Michael B Jordan dating his 24-year-old daughter.

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It's only natural that you would want to protect your loved ones from having to heal from a broken heart, but how far is too far?

One mom is finding that she's caught between a rock and a hard place (the hard place being her unwavering husband):

"Hi, Bad Moms Club, I need advice about my daughter, please. 

She is 15 years old and has just announced to the family that she has a boyfriend who is 17 years old. 

I think I’m OK with it, but my husband has lost his mind. 

He wants to ban them from seeing each other until she is at least 16. He says she must focus on school and not boys. There is so much tension! 

Please give some advice. Is her father being unreasonable? What should I tell him? Is she too young? 

For interest's sake, he and I met when I was 13 years old! Please help me, Bad Moms Club!" - Anonymous in Hillcrest

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As always, resident supermom Carol has shared her opinion on the matter and has also roped in Debra Hughes, who is without a doubt one of Durban's finest and funniest moms (although she has recently relocated to Cape Town, we'll try not to judge her for that).

We also have some truly sage advice from Ayanda Tetyana, an educational specialist and parent coach, who has a passion for working with children.

Take a listen below to find the best expert advice, mixed with a little bit of questionable guidance:

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