#TrendingWithTinashe: Miss Universe's new royal roommate, taxi strike, and more

#TrendingWithTinashe: Miss Universe's new royal roommate, taxi strike, and more

You don't have to be the only one being left out, instead, stay in the loop with an update on all the latest trends.

Zozibini Tunzi Roommate

Today's #TrendingwithTinashe is one you definitely do not want to miss.

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But luckily that's exactly why you have Carol and Tinashe, so without beating around the bush, here are your top three trends for today:

1. Our beautiful Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, has decided to take the plunge and find herself a roommate!

She has made herself at home in Manhattan, New York, but she won't be braving the city that never sleeps alone.

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2. Nigerian musician Seun Kuti has announced that he will be making some big political moves.

Seun has decided to follow in his father, Fela Kuti's, legendary footsteps.

Fela had established the Movement of the People party in 1979, and he was barred from running for the presidency.

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3. Commuters are left finding alternative transportation as a result of the nationwide taxi strike.

The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) has decided that enough is enough.

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But that's all we'll reveal for now.

Take a listen to find out who Zozibini's new roommate is, why the NTA is striking, and what Seun Kuti is getting up to:

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

Main image courtesy of Zozibini Tunzi Official Twitter

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