WATCH: Daughter does relatable impression of mother

WATCH: Daughter does relatable impression of mother

Ever find yourself thinking "why are my parents like this?" and wondering if you're alone? Well, turns out you're not.

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To our parents, age will always only be a number.

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You will always be their little baby and going home will always put you back in your place.

Does "You're under my roof now" ring any bells?

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Now one TikTok comedian and writer, Ceara O'Sullivan, has used this relatable parent content to bring people together.

Her most popular video captures that moment when your mother enters your bedroom while you're visiting.

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Just watching this will make you reconsider going home for the holidays:

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But let's be honest, even if you're not visiting home but currently still living there, whether you're 15 or 35, this is the most accurate depiction of these events.

Since the first initial mom-impression, she has done a few others that are just as relatable!

As hilarious as these videos are, we do have to admit, we might be missing our moms right now.

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Main image courtesy of TikTok/cearajane

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