WATCH: Scary moment bridge splits during live news broadcast

WATCH: Scary moment bridge splits during live news broadcast

Storm Eta has been leaving a path of destruction since showing up on radars on the 1st of November.

Bridge collapse

What started as a tropical storm soon turned into the second most intense November-Atlantic hurricane on record.

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Storm Eta has been destroying everything in its path, ripping apart buildings and causing major floods.

The storm landed in Tampa Bay, Florida on Friday before moving to the Carolina States over the weekend.

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Along with everything that has already been happening, a news broadcaster's story almost came to a tragic end while she was busy with a live broadcast.

News reporter Amber Roberts was standing on the Hiddenite Bridge, along with her photojournalist Jon Monte, while she was discussing the major flood damage in Alexander County.

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The broadcast was suddenly interrupted when she mentioned that the bridge was sinking, but was shocked at what happened next:

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Although it was a scary few minutes, everyone luckily got out safe and sound.

Hopefully Storm Eta will soon come to an end and these affected countries can begin their recovery.

For more incredible moments courtesy of Carol Ofori, listen here:

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