Introducing: #Trending with Tinashe!

Introducing: #Trending with Tinashe!

Are you up to date on what's trending right at this very minute? Do you wish you knew what's happening right now? Well, Carol Ofori has some good news for you...

Trending with Tinashe

The internet can be a confusing place, especially Twitter!

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You might find yourself looking at that explore page, so you know what is trending right now, but once you open it up, you find yourself completely lost.

Why exactly is #COVID19 trending again?

Is it something serious or hilarious?

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Well, Carol would like to introduce you to the entertainment specialist and writer, Tinashe Venge!

With Tinashe's incredible talent for sifting out the important stuff, the dream team is coming together to give you the low-down to make sure that no longer will you be the only one at the party not knowing what everyone's talking about.

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Informative, funny, but most importantly always on-trend, you can listen to #TrendingWithTinashe every weekday from 10h00 - 11h00.

But in case you might have missed even the slightest detail, make sure to catch-up right here:

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