Overstepping the line: Grandparents banned from seeing granddaughter

Overstepping the line: Grandparents banned from seeing granddaughter

A dad is furious at his parents for disregarding his decision to pierce his daughter's ears and bans them from seeing their granddaughter. 

Dad bans his parents from seeing their granddaughter

Have you ever been in a situation where you make a decision and communicate it with your family and then they totally disregard your decision and do what they want anyway?

Well, this dad is left completely annoyed by his parents when they go against his and his partner's decision to not pierce their baby girl's ears. 

So the parents of the nine-month-old baby girl had made a firm decision not to pierce her ears as they felt that it wasn't fair to the baby, since she cannot consent. In addition, the mother to the baby had her ears pierced when she was a baby and she hated earrings. 

However, his parents were keen on piercing the baby girl's ears and they crossed the threshold when they went behind the parents' backs and pierced her ears whilst babysitting one day. 

Their complete disregard of the parents' decision prompted them to be banned from babysitting their granddaughter - and even seeing her! 

The couple received varied views after posting to Reddit asking if they were being unreasonable,  some said it was childish and unwarranted, while others agreed that the grandparents overstepped their mark by doing it.

But one person said something that hit the nail on the head for this situation: "Yeah. It's not about the ear piercing. It's about the blatant disregard for the parents' wishes. You can't trust people who not only will do things you don't want them to do, but also refuse to apologize for what they did, dismissing it."

The grandparents are now allowed to see their granddaughter, under supervision, of course, but are not allowed to babysit anymore.

What do you think? Do they deserve this kind of treatment from their son and his fiancée?

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