WATCH: Son's emotional surprise for parents as he uses technology to bring his grandparents back to life

WATCH: Son's emotional surprise as he uses technology to bring his grandparents back to life

This has to be the most emotional yet heartfelt video you will see this week. 

son blows away his mom and dad by using deepfake technology to bring their parents to life
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Gagandeep Singh Anand gifted his parents with a sentimental and thoughtful gift. Using AI technology, Anand brought back to life his grandparents using their pictures. 

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The 26-year-old Singh used the My Heritage website to upload his grandparent's pictures and animate them to seem as real as possible. 

After playing around on the website, Anand showed his father the results of the animated image of his grandfather which had produced an emotional reaction from his dad. 

His mother was next to be presented with a video of an animated portrait of her mother, after she realised that the image moves, Anand's mother reaches for her sons phone and starts to tear up.  

Watch the incredible video below:  

What an emotional  video! 

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