One man is eating a KFC meal every day... for 100 days

One man is eating a KFC meal every day... for 100 days

For obvious reasons Seamus Murphy is also known as 'The Colonel'.

KFC zinger

Do you remember the movie 'Super Size Me'? 

It followed Morgan Spurlock as he ate nothing but McDonald's for 30 days (and it did not go well).

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Now Australian Seamus Murphy is taking on a similar challenge by eating a KFC Zinger Box every single day for 100 days.


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Although he is not doing it for any scientific reasons he has decided to do it for another good cause.

People, such as friends and followers, have been sponsoring his meals which then earns them a shoutout on his page.

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He has also been using these opportunities to be an advocate for mental health issues and frequently reminds his followers to check-in with their friends.

He has also been encouraging followers to donate to the Black Dog Institute, which is the only medical research institute dedicated to the study of mental health in Australia.


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He has also mentioned that although it's obviously not the healthiest challenge, he is generally a healthy person.

Murphy is also eating other healthy foods during this challenge and is an athlete.

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So he says he's been training for this his whole life.

He is also officially halfway!

Hopefully, that means he'll be able to make it through, all while raising awareness for a good cause.

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