KFC unveil new slogans!

KFC unveil new slogans!

The infamous fast-food chain has finally revealed its new catchphrase.


Recently KFC announced that they would be no longer claiming that their chicken is 'finger lickin good'.

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The iconic phrase has been a part of the KFC brand for decades and people were shocked to find out it would be changing.

You can read more about the change of the slogan here.

Now they have decided to leave it in the hands of the public to choose their next tagline.

How does "it's bucket kissing good" sound? Do you maybe hear yourself saying "it's make-you-forget-about-2020 good"?

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As superfans were put to the challenge and had to come up with new and original taglines, the list of possibilities grew and included the following: 

"It's Forking Good" - by @stevothemadman1

"It's Better than your Grandma's Good" - by @lou_boo.nl

"It's Really Frickin' Good" - by @bamalam

"It's Crackin', even in the Wrappin' Good" - by @professorgreen

"It's Lip Smackin' Good" - by @chrishughesofficial

While all these options were worthy, only one could reign supreme and the final choice was made by voting on Instagram.

They have yet to decide on only one, but we think they're all winners!

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