Mother of stillborn baby shocked by friend asking her to return baby gifts

Mother of stillborn baby shocked by friend asking her to return baby gifts

Not everyone knows how to handle certain tragic moments and situations, but this seems like the wrong approach...

Baby gifts

Friends are supposed to be there for you through thick and thin.

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They are your chosen family and are a support system that will always play an important role in your life.

But sometimes friendships have to come to an end.

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And what makes it worse is when it has to end as it did for these two friends.

A woman recently shared that she had lost her baby after 29 weeks.

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What unfortunately made her grieving and mourning period even worse was the way her "friend" decided to request the return of the gifts she had given to the mother that was meant for the baby.

She shared the screenshots of their conversation online and you can read their conversation below:

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The internet has rallied behind the mother, saying how sorry they are for her loss and that she had to go through this while also having to cope with her grief.

Honestly, just like us, most people were shocked at the lack of sympathy this "friend" seemed to display and even trying to make the mother feel even worse.

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Hopefully this poor woman has cut her "friend" out of her life and will never have to deal with her again.

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