"I cannot think back to when things were normal..." - Abigail Moonsamy, Registered Nurse

"I cannot think back to when things were normal..." - Abigail Moonsamy, Registered Nurse

Today for Women Crush Wednesday, Carol Ofori is honouring frontline workers who are putting their lives on the line in the fight against COVID-19.


Every Wednesday, Carol wants to highlight the women who are working hard, doing what they do best, and are all-around boss babes.

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There is no-one who deserves this honour more than the women on the frontline, facing the dangers of this pandemic head-on.

The medical industry has been brought to its knees and has been rocked to its core during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Battling through the emotional, physical, and mental strain that it has put on them, the seemingly constant growth in the number of infections, to try to save the lives that are in their hands, these women are constantly facing challenges every day.

They might be tired and vulnerable, but they are just as strong, powerful, and determined.

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Today's #WCW is Abigail Moonsamy.

She is a registered nurse at Netcare Umhlanga Hospital who has been in this profession for many, many years. 

During all her years on the job, she has never experienced anything like this and while medical staff face many problems and struggles every day, nothing could have prepared her for the devastating effects the COVID-19 pandemic would have. 

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Although she doesn't really have the luxury of taking time off for herself, she was able to find a moment to talk to Carol about her experience and share her story:

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