How dirty is your mask really?

How dirty is your mask really?

Masks are part of the new normal and funnily enough, many people are struggling to imagine a time before facemasks were a thing.

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When facemasks entered our lives, we had a lot of information to deal with.

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Statistics and more about a virus that no-one really understood as well as they do now, while being told to almost permanently wear these face coverings (except when you’re in the house, of course).

We were told how to properly remove these masks, which ones work and which don’t work effectively, and they also told us the right way to wear them.

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Remember: always over the nose! There’s no point in wearing a mask if you are just barely covering your mouth with it.

Anyway, getting back to the point, we were given a class in mask-wearing etiquette.

Now it’s almost a whole year later.

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South Africa has passed its 300th day of lockdown.

But there still seems to be one question that is lingering, and nobody seems to really care about the correct answer, they still just do as they please: how regularly do you have to wash your mask or wear a different one?

You can find the answer right here.

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Carol Ofori, however, isn’t too phased with chatting about what the experts have to say, instead she wants to do a little survey of her own.

She wants to know if KZN is really following all the rules and are taking care of their masks the way they should be.

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Or will they be brave enough to admit that they have been leaning towards the filthier side of things and suffer the wrath of those who are sticklers for cleanliness?

Also: which side will have more people using the same practice?

Take a listen to find out if KZN, Carol included, are keeping things squeaky clean or not:

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

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