#ExpertSeries: How often should you change your face mask?

#ExpertSeries: How often should you change your face mask?

How often should you change your face mask? What is up with the second wave in Europe? Where did they go wrong and should we be worried too? Prof Tulio de Oliveira sheds more light on this concern as well as other COVID-19-related issues KZN are curious about. 

Second wave of covid in europe

Europe has been hit by a second wave of the Coronavirus and according to virus hunter and bioinformatician, Prof Tulio de Oliveira, this is largely caused by the increase in events that the continent is now having. 

Prof Tulio de Oliveira also warns that the same could happen in South Africa if we go back to normal life too quickly and disregard precautions such as wearing of masks, sanitising, and social distancing.

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Listeners of Darren, Keri, and Sky had more burning questions related to COVID-19, including:

  • What’s the effect of quick and accurate testing with contact tracing?
  • With the health precautions we have been encouraged to embrace, have the numbers of influenza and tuberculosis cases decreased this winter?
  • Should we be washing and scrubbing our groceries?
  • How often should we change our masks?

Listen to the podcast for all of Prof Tulio de Oliveira's answers.

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