#BadMomsClub: "I have three kids and quite frankly, they are all useless..."

#BadMomsClub: "I have three kids and quite frankly, they are all useless..."

Carol Ofori and her team of super moms are back and ready to dish out the best - and the baddest, advice to anyone who needs it!

Bad kids

Motivating children and teenagers, and then keeping them motivated, can be a struggle.

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Teens enjoy being defiant and doing their own thing.

They are more likely to choose to do whatever they please instead of listening to their parents and help with things around the house.

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And sometimes when they do decide to assist with chores, it's a half-assed effort.

Now one uncooperative child is possibly still manageable but three is a completely different story!

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Especially when the younger kids look up to the older sibling and choose to follow in the footsteps of their role model.

You'll end up with a bunch of kids that are more than capable of helping around the house but instead are not bothered at all.

And that's what brings us to the mom dilemma for today:

"Hey Bad Moms Club,

I have three kids aged 11, 13, and 15 and they all refuse to help around the house. 

There is always an excuse or something more important they need to be doing. 

It’s especially difficult now that we can no longer afford to give them pocket money. 

Bad Moms Club, please help with tips or advice to get my kids to help! I’m willing to try anything!" - Anon.

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As always, resident supermom Carol has shared her opinion on the matter and asked KZN to give the best, worst advice they have to offer.

We also have some truly sage advice from Ayanda Tetyana, an educational specialist and parent coach, who has a passion for working with children.

Take a listen below if you are also desperate for some top tier parenting advice (or if you're just keen for a couple of laughs):

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