Grandma covers her body in tattoos to spread animal awareness

Grandma covers her body in tattoos to spread animal awareness

A grandmother from the US is covering her body with tattoos as a way of raising awareness for endangered animals. 

Grandmother covers her body in tattoos to help raise awareness for endangered animals

When we think about the traditional sense of a 'grandmother', we no longer think old, grey-haired, walking stick, comfy shoes, and knitting with a ball of wool. Many grandmothers have broken through those limited and stereotypical views of them and have emerged with quite unique and bold expressions of how they want to be seen. 

Debi Altfillisch McGregor, a grandmother from California, USA, has always had a love for all animals. She has worked as a vet technician for 28 years and also worked at a dog and cat adoption centre. 

As a 67-year-old grandmother, she has now found a unique way of bringing attention to the fight for endangered animals.

Her most recent commemorative tattoo was dedicated to an Asiatic Bear and was done on her arm in April 2021. 

Debi expressed her heartache at the fact that so many animals are facing extinction and she wants her grandkids to be able to see all these animals. They bring beauty to our world and that is a key reason she wants to fight for them. 

She loves to make her tattoos colourful and vibrant, that's how she sees them. She said that her aim in getting tattooed is to get people talking and we're already hearing you, Debi, so well done on raising awareness for those innocent animals. 

Granny tattoos her body with animals to raise awareness
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Debi fights for all kinds of animals and she is very active on Facebook sharing initiatives that will help bring light on animal abuse, poaching, and just general endangerment. 

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