Rhino awareness video with popular cricketer

WATCH: Quinton de Kock raises awareness for Rhinos in a funny video

SA Cricketer stars in a funny video that raises awareness about Rhinos...

Quinton de Kock in a rhino awareness video
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We all learn about the 'Big Five' when we are in school and we hear about poaching and how our animals are suffering warfare in their own territory against poachers. The importance of conserving our wildlife is something that is often labelled as extreme or not given enough attention. 

We guess this is why Rockwood Conservation, located in the Northern Cape decided to partner with our very own cricket player, Quinton de Kock. The partnership birthed an awareness video that aimed to get peoples attention about conserving our rhinos. 

The South African International cricket player isn't necessarily the most obvious choice when it comes to a funny character. But we think that this is the very reason this video works so well. 

The wicket-keeper begins the video with a reel of bloopers, and we're sure he's not used to not being able to perform at his best! He then reveals that a rhino is poached every 10 hours! He went on to say that in South Africa we have 80% of the world's population of rhinos. 

"Rockwood Conservation was transformed in 2013 from a sheep and cattle farm to 30,000 acres dedicated to the protection of wild rhinos and endemic species." Rockwood website

Quinton de Kock shines a light on serious issues faced by the private conservation park; these include poaching, guarding these animals, feeding them, and making sure that they can breed and increase their numbers. 

At the moment, the conservation park houses "300-plus Southern white rhinos and has celebrated more than 130 births, making them one of the world’s largest and most successful private rhino conservation projects."

“Had it not been for the efforts of private rhino owners to protect and breed rhinos, the Southern white rhino would be extinct today”, says Earl Duiker, from the Rockwood Security Team. 

Let's end this off on a funny note, watch the video below. 

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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