From cement mixer to sushi master chef: A dose of Monday Motivation

From cement mixer to sushi master chef: A dose of Monday Motivation

A story that reminds us that perseverance and drive can get you to the finish line...

From cement mixer to sushi master chef, a dose of Monday motivation...

We have found that no matter how many feel good, goal-reaching stories we have come across, we never get tired of them. It's definitely something that provides us with perspective and reminds us to stay motivated. 

Not everyone has a cheerleader in life, someone who pushes them and reminds them that they can get what they want from life. Sometimes you have to be your own motivation, you have to push each day to get more out of your life. 

When we heard Samuel Moima's story, it was definitely something we wanted to share this Monday. If nothing else, it reminded us that with a vision in life, you can accomplish your goals. 

"Samuel Moima started off working as cement mixer and made his way to being a security officer, he knew he wanted more for himself and now, he is one of Ocean Basket's sushi masters." (Business Insider)

After completing his schooling in Limpopo, he did not have the means to pursue a tertiary education. His plan was to travel to Johannesburg and find work. But he struggled to find work and became a cement mixer at a local construction site in Tembisa. 

But he knew he wanted more for himself. So he saved money and trained to become a security officer. He served as a security officer at a shopping mall for two years and still yearned for more. 

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In 2005, he approached an Ocean Basket store and was given an opportunity to work as a waiter. Whilst working there, he found passion in the art of making sushi. 

A decade after working as a chef, he decided to apply for a job as a sushi trainer in 2013 and was successful. From there the sky was the limit, as he trained young and up-and-coming chefs on how to make sushi. 

He was given the opportunity to go to the Japanese Sushi International School where he learnt about the hygienic practices involved in making sushi. 

He is the perfect example of what it means to push the boundaries and shared some wise words of motivation. 

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