#AppreciationMonday: Cape Town brewery is tackling hunger issues

#AppreciationMonday: Cape Town brewery is tackling hunger issues

A beautifully inspired project that will continue its mission to help with the growing hunger problem in Cape Town.

#AppreciationMonday: From a local beer brew to a hearty soup kitchen, CPT brewery tackling hunger problem

The pandemic may have presented itself as a negative in our world, but let's not forget all the good it brought us. It pushed many of us to realise what it is we really want to do, it gave birth to families getting closer, it provided people with a sense of community. 

These are all things that have uplifted us as a nation. And in honour of our weekly appreciation post, we wanted to highlight an alcohol brand in Cape Town, a brand that took the ban and used their time in the most positive and uplifting way. 

The Woodstock Brewery in Cape Town decided to do something productive during the lockdown last year. They realised that as much as there was a ban on alcohol, they could use their beer brewing machinery to make nutritious soup and help with the hunger problem in Cape Town. 

That is when the Mother Soup Project was born...

"Unable to sell its brews during the first lockdown, the Woodstock Brewery in Cape Town switched production from craft beer to nutritious soup to keep a lid on the Mother City’s growing hunger problem." (MSN)

Watch their video below (courtesy of Facebook):

As they move back into operations now due to the lifting of the alcohol ban, they have decided to move the Mother Soup Project into their own premises. Their vision and mission is to help feed more people and help with the hunger problem. 

"The Mother Soup Project has produced more than five million meals (an average of about 15,000 meals a day), which cost less than R2 a meal since April 2020." (MSN)

This month, the Mother City Kitchen will open up its facility near Cape Town Market in Epping. Not only will it be closer to fresh produce, but it will also be closer to the community that has the greatest need when it comes to food - the Cape Flats. They will be operating with a custom kitchen, improved distribution network, and more menu options. 

Thank you for your innovation, Woodstock Brewery. We dedicate our Appreciation Monday post to the Mother Soup Project

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