Baked by Opy - a #SideHustle of delicious proportions

Baked by Opy - a #SideHustle of delicious proportions

Omphile Magasa, a 30-year-old baking boss, never quite imagined that her #SideHustle would turn into a successful business when she first started, but look at her now...

"Baked by Opy": a #SideHustle turned baking extraordinaire
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Omphile was recently featured on MSN saying that her favourite childhood memories were spent in the kitchen baking up a storm with her grandmother. 

"Little did she know that this ritual would result in the birth of her own baking business, ‘Baked by Opy’, with some of its bespoke goods being sold in Spar retailers across Johannesburg."

Her Instagram page hosts a plethora of beautifully constructed cakes that look flawless and delicious - we don't see ourselves smashing into them because they look like pieces of art. 

She started her baking business as a side hustle and when she was retrenched in 2017, she decided to go into it full time - and what a success it has turned out to be!

Baked by Opy "is a 100% black-owned business and she employs four other young females."

“My name Omphile means ‘to give or has given’ and I believe I am living through my name,” she explained.

She went on to say that although the lockdown and the pandemic proved challenging, she has managed to stay afloat and did not make any cuts to her staff. 

“The best advice my grandmother has given me is to always bake with love and patience. She then went on to say because if I do this, it will show in the finished product and you will be able to taste the difference so this for me went a long way as our cakes are not just nicely made, but they also taste good.”

We are left in happy mode for this young and determined entrepreneur and we wish her success and prosperity on this journey.

She shared some wise advice for those wanting to follow their side hustles: “Start while you still have some form of income because if you resign to start you'll end up spending more than what comes in and before you know it you'll think your business is not doing well or a waste of time.” 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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