WATCH: Little girl makes adorable sales pitch to security camera

WATCH: Little girl makes adorable sales pitch to security camera

Door-to-door sales have become significantly harder during the pandemic, but this young Girl Scout won't let that get her down.

Allie cookies

Remember the days when as kids, you would have to sell raffle tickets or maybe something else as part of a school fundraiser?

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Sometimes you would have to walk around your neighborhood, going to different houses, and try to convince these people to buy a R20 ticket, just to make sure all your booklets are sold.

Well, in America, the Girls Scouts is a youth organisation for girls and while they have always been quite popular and well-known, the thing that has really put them on the map and made them a national treasure is their cookies.

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The common practice for these groups involves going out into the world and selling these cookies, usually going from one home to the next.

Just like everything else, Girl-Scout-cookies-season has had to adapt to social distancing and all the other rules and regulations that go hand-in-hand with this pandemic, and door-to-door sales are too unsafe.

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This hasn't stopped Allie Shroyer from Arizona, who absolutely loves being a Girl Scout and selling cookies.

Don't worry, she is still staying safe as her parents came up with a genius idea that will help her with her sales during this time.

Using a Ring doorbell, they helped her record a virtual sales pitch that they could then send to friends and family.

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Although they were the brains behind the concept, Allie stole the show with her impressive sales pitch that easily convinced people to buy some of her 600 boxes of cookies.

You can watch the super cute and wholesome video below:

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As if her sweet smile and adorable greeting weren't enough to melt your heart, the rest of her pitch was absolutely on point.

She clearly wasn't holding back as she asked: "Well you can buy them $5 in each so would you like one, or two or three or four or five? Or six or seven or eight or nine or 10? I don't know. Maybe 11 or 12?"

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She also tried to make the pitch more personal by asking what the buyer's favourite colours were and that there might be a box that's the same colour, so that would be the perfect item just for them.

Allie doesn't have to convince us too much, after watching this video we wish we could support her endeavour but luckily she has smashed her goal of selling 600 boxes and is completely sold out!

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One can honestly say that it is well deserved and that she might have a very successful career as a businesswoman in the future.

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