Thuso Mbedu: "Yes, I’m 31. No, I’m not married"

Thuso Mbedu: "Yes, I’m 31. No, I’m not married"

The South African actress is sticking it to her haters. 

Thuso Mbedu
Thuso Mbedu/ Instagram (@thuso.mbedu)

South African actress Thuso Mbedu has been living her life, winning awards, and starring in blockbuster Hollywood movies.

But despite all her success, it seems that all some people can think about is her marital status and when she is having a baby. 

The Pietermaritzburg-born star has spent the last few months travelling to places such as Canada, America, England, and South Africa to promote her latest film, 'The Woman King'

Many people were shocked to find out that Thuso is 31 years old. 

"This chick from the movie Woman King Thuso Mbedu looks 12 but she is actually 31 years real life..." one Twitter user wrote. 

Some were surprised that she is single and not married, while others offered themselves up as husbands. 

Thuso took to Twitter to let everyone know that she is single, childless, and happy.

"Seeing as people like to tweet with their chests. Yes, I’m 31. No, I’m not married. No, I don’t have children that have come from my uterus but my nieces call me “mam’ncane” (younger mother) because that’s how we do it in the Zulu culture & I love them like their mine. As you were," the 2022 Spirit Award winner wrote. 

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Thuso added in a separate tweet: "It’s been hilarious seeing people argue about my marital status like they know me personally."

Thuso's Hollywood star keeps growing. She has been praised by stars such as Oprah Winfrey for her amazing talent. 

'The Underground Railroad' actress recently attended the annual Academy Museum Gala where she mingled with stars such as Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber. 

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Thuso has won several awards including the 2021 Hollywood Critics Association TV Award. Oscar-winner Viola Davis described Thuso as a "translucent talent" in an interview with Essence magazine.  

"Light comes through in every shade and that is how I see her emotional life come through with this character of Nawi. It is that immediacy. It's that accessibility that only a very few have. I think it's the building block of a very incredible actor. I also find Thuso to have incredible integrity and I find her to be someone who absolutely works hard," she said 

South African comedian Trevor Noah agrees. He recently chatted with Thuso on 'The Daily Show' about her new movie and success in Hollywood. 

"It’s been beautiful to watch your journey. I’ve seen you act and do the best and just kick a**...  I truly believe, and I don’t think I’ll be wrong in this, you’re gonna kick a** in everything - your production country, the work you're doing in South Africa - everything you do going forward." he said

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