Smash! Saweetie approves of this weird food combo

Smash! Saweetie approves of this weird food combo

Why does she eat like a pregnant lady? Saweetie's love for weird food combos has the internet confused...

Saweetie holding a glass of champagne
Rapper and singer Saweetie/ Instagram (@saweetie)

A weird food combination is getting Saweetie's seal of approval, and we can't say we are surprised. 

The 30-year-old rapper and singer is known for putting together weird food concoctions, so when she came across an interesting combo online, she said only one thing: "Smash."

For those wondering, smash is slang for eating or drinking something quickly.

So, what was this combo that had Saweetie's mouth-watering? A hash brown and Oreo ice cream sandwich! 

"Hash Brown Oreo McFlurry Sandwich……. Smash or pass?" a food account on X captioned a picture of the weird combo. 

While Saweetie loves the idea of having breakfast and dessert simultaneously, many people gave the combo a thumbs down. 

"Nice job ruining two amazing things," one X user wrote.

Another user commented: "I feel sick looking at this."

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Saweetie Bizarre Food Concoctions 

Saweetie's fans were not surprised that she would green-light a questionable food choice. "On brand for you," one replied. 

The 'Best Friend' hitmaker is known for putting together bizarre food concoctions in her own kitchen.

From Ramen Noodles mixed with Flamin' Hot Cheetos to putting ranch sauce on spaghetti, there is no weird food combo she is not willing to try. 


It seems Saweetie is a big fan of hot Cheetos because she also puts them on pizza slices! 

"Hot Cheetos on the pizza?" a stunned Snoop Dogg asked as he witnessed Saweetie's odd food cravings in action. "That's why her music is like this. S*** is creative," he added. 

Uhm, creative is not the word we would use to describe some of the food Saweetie eats.

Saweetie doubled down on "creative" food choices by informing Snoop that she puts Ramen Noodle seasoning on her oysters. Again, no one is surprised because she also puts tomato sauce, hot sauce, and honey BBQ sauce on her oysters. 

"See, that's what you call ghetto fabulous," Snoop told Saweetie.

Social media users just can't wrap their heads around Saweetie's food combos. 

"Why [does] she eat like a pregnant lady?!! With all them concoctions," one Instagram user asked.

Another wrote: "Your stomach about to start beatboxing."

A third commented: "Her Farts smell crazy."

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Saweetie is unfazed by the backlash she receives for eating like a toddler. 

"WTF was yall eating growin up??? Y’all must’ve had a boring a** childhood," she tweeted in 2021.

An X user replied: "Not that kind of food you was eating 😩😩."

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