Weird food combo: Mayonnaise instead of milk in cereal

Weird food combo: Using mayonnaise as milk substitute in cereal

Forget the milk, now you can add mayonnaise to cereal, thanks to Doja Cat who shared her weird food combo on Instagram. 

Coco pops and mayonnaise combo
Coco pops and mayonnaise combo / Instagram

Over the years, there have been some crazy food combos we have heard about, but this one takes the cake. 

Doja Cat has taken food creativity to the next level. 

The singer shared an image of her cereal bowl - and it was nothing like we expected. 

Instead of adding milk to her coco pops, Doja decided to add a twist and added mayonnaise as a substitute for milk. 

"Y’all have any ufo stories?" she captioned her post. 

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The weird cereal and mayonnaise combo adds to the long list of other weird combos that people have shared online. 

One of the weirdest is cereal mixed with coke. The fizzy drink gives the cereals a sugary taste. 

Others have also mixed cereal with coffee, bbq sauce, and vinegar. 

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