Bro, no! SA stars react to UK foodie's Mzansi-inspired school lunch

Bro, no! SA stars react to UK foodie's Mzansi-inspired school lunch

The UK’s most unhinged food creator made a meal that he thinks South African schoolchildren would take for lunch - and it was indeed unhinged...

Sade Giliberti eating a plate of food
Sade Giliberti/ Instagram (@sadegiliberti, @bignibblesfood)

Deciding what to make for school lunch is a daunting task for many South African moms, but never in a million years would they think of packing what a food creator in the UK has whipped up. 

Big Nibbles has been preparing meals on his Instagram inspired by 'School Lunches Around the World'. He recently tried to put together something for Mzansi.

"I'm making school lunches from around the world and rating them to see which country hates their kids the most," he starts the video. 

Unlike schools in America, most South African schools do not have cafeterias, which made it difficult for Big Nibbles to to figure out what exactly kids eat. 

He decided to channel his inner South African diner lady for inspiration. 

So, what exactly does Big Nibbles imagine children in South Africa eat during school lunch? 

  • Yellow rice and raisins 
  • Boerewors sausage
  • Grilled sweet corn
  • South African-inspired green bean salad
  • Dates covered with honey and almonds

See for yourself!


It all seems to be done in jest - his tagline is "the UK’s most unhinged food creator" - but many South Africans, including Sade Giliberti, were side-eyeing the lunch.

"Bro. No! 💀⚰️ You literally went with your profile and created something unhinged 😂" she wrote. 

Miss South Africa 2020 finalist Karishma Ramdev commented: "This guy must be on some crack… this for lunch in SA?"

"The only thing South African is the boerewors and nobody carries that to school," one Instagram user joked. 

Influencer Rushana Isaacs commented: "South Africa?? You’re very mistaken."

Tshepi Vundla asked: "Which South Africa is this? 😅 come on man."

Boity only had one thing to say: "Haaikhona."


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Main image credit: Instagram/@sadegiliberti, bignibblesfood

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