"I knew he loved me when he gave me his last piece of chicken" - Saweetie

"I knew he loved me when he gave me his last piece of chicken" - Saweetie

It is the defining moment in a relationship. For some it takes time, for others it seems to happen quickly - when 'like' turns into 'love'. 


Rapper Saweetie and Quavo, who is a member of Migos, are one of music's well known couples. 

The duo are not shy to share with the rest of the world their budding romance. The rap star recently opened up to PEOPLE magazine about how she already had her eyes on Quavo, 29, before they got together.

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When the duo eventually became a couple, it didn't take long for both of them to fall head over heels in love. 

When asked about the moment Saweeti knew she was in love with Quavo, she shared how many people may be shocked to realise that it was something so simple, yet it meant a lot to her. 

This story caught J Sbu's eye and so he asked his co-host Stacey about the moment she realised that she was in love with her significant other (past or present) and whether the feeling was mutual? 

The comments were both relatable and funny:

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