Kelly Khumalo calls out women who fight over cheating men

Kelly Khumalo calls out women who fight over cheating men

Kelly Khumalo thinks it is foolish for women to fight each other over a cheating man. 

Kelly Khumalo
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Kelly Khumalo (and her Russian alter ego, Barbara) has an important lesson to share with women whose men have been caught cheating. 

The 'Empini' singer dished out some "straight talk" in a video she shared on Instagram. She says she can't understand why women go after each other when a man strays in the relationship.

"It’s not possible to steal a whole human being… Why is it us as women, when you find out your husband or boyfriend or situationship is cheating on you – the first thing you want to do is to go and dock the girl. Why don’t you dock the MF that you are sleeping with?” she asks in the video. 

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Kelly was famously involved in a love triangle of her own. The 36-year-old made headlines in 2013 after a fight with Mandisa Mkhize.

Mandisa was married to football star Senzo Meyiwa at the time. The women were allegedly involved in a physical altercation on a busy off-ramp in Joburg. Mandisa opened a case of assault. 

The charges were dropped in 2014 - several months after Kelly gave birth to her daughter Thingo. The late goalkeeper is Thingo's father. 

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Kelly says in her latest Instagram video that she will deal with any woman who tries to fight her over a man. 

"If you come for me and you don't go for your boyfriend, situationship or husband, you are going to get what you are looking for. I’m going to beat the living daylight out of you – not because I’m fighting for the man. I’m beating foolishness out of you...

"...and when I’m finished with you, I’m going to go for your husband… then leave both of you, just to teach you a lesson that you go for your bulls**t, not me.”

WARNING: The video below contains strong language. 

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