Connie Ferguson remembers Shona: "I just miss you so much!"

Connie Ferguson remembers Shona: "I just miss you so much!"

Actress Connie Ferguson has shared the things she misses about her late husband, Shona Ferguson. 

Connie and Shona Ferguson
Connie and Shona Ferguson/ Instagram

Connie Ferguson and her family continue to mourn Shona following his untimely death in July.

Connie took to Instagram to reveal all the things she misses about him. She shared a video of Shona visiting her on set. 

"I miss you. I miss your random visits to set. I miss you deliberately trying to annoy me. I miss you crushing on me all the time. I just miss you so much! I love you forever," she captioned the video. 

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Shona passed away in July after succumbing to COVID-19-related complications. Connie took some time off to mourn before returning to set earlier this month. 

The Ferguson Films team welcomed her back by filling her office with flowers and balloons. 

"Team #thequeen #fergusonfilms I love you all so much! Thank you for today. It’s good to do what you love knowing it’s for a purpose bigger than yourself. I’m grateful that we continue to walk this journey together, and all our wins and victories are to the glory of the almighty God. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," she wrote. 

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