Inches on Inches: Beyoncé shows off her real hair

Inches on Inches: Beyoncé shows off her real hair

Is that even her real hair? Beyoncé is coming through with hair receipts to silence the haters... 

Beyonce shows off her real hair
Image credit: Instagram Beyoncé/Cécred

Beyoncé's real hair has been a topic of discussion for many years, and she is finally putting an end to speculation about her natural locks once and for all.

The launch of the 42-year-old's hair care line, CÉCRED, in February was marred by accusations that she was promoting her products while wearing wigs. 

Essence magazine went as far as confirming that Beyoncé was sporting her natural hair in the photoshoot for their March/April cover.  

"To answer the question: The Main attraction is the Mane Attraction. Rocking her natural hair through and through we asked Beyoncé why her hair was so sacred." 

Even then, some netizens were not convinced. Some even went as far as saying they would like to see Beyoncé using her CÉCRED products on her own hair.

Well, Queen B did just that in a new video posted on her official Instagram page. The clip shows the 'Cowboy Carter' musician washing her long blonde hair for the Los Angeles launch of her brand in February.

She used several of her products to wash, condition, and moisturise her hair, which was then ironed and put in rolls for her final look. 

"The stigma and misconception is that people who wear wigs don’t have long and healthy hair. That’s some bulls***," she said in the video. 

Beyoncé also shared some hair care tips. She revealed that she likes to blow dry her hair on medium to avoid heat damage.

The Grammy Award winner added that she chose colour over perms and relaxers to keep her hair in good condition. 

"Maintaining 25 years of blonde on natural hair through all the experimenting I do has played a huge part in developing @cecred’s products. It’s the hardest to keep color-treated hair healthy and strong, but @cecred is here. All quality, with NO shortcuts. Congratulations to the entire CÉCRED team for contributing to developing award-winning products," she captioned the video.

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Social media users have been reacting to Queen B's big hair reveal. 

"Hopefully those of y’all who desperately needed to see her hair can go outside and touch grass now," one Instagram user commented. 

Another user added: "Oh she came in with the hair receipts! The haters are mighty quiet."

Some questioned why "folks" did not believe that Beyoncé had naturally long hair. 

"Look at her as a child and teenager. Hair for days! Where did they think it went except braided under those wigs?" 

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Main image credit: Instagram/@beyonce, @cecred

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