Beyoncé opens up about her experience with psoriasis

Beyoncé opens up about her experience with psoriasis

Beyoncé is gearing up for the release of her haircare line, and giving fans an intimate look at her hair journey.

Beyonce poses on a staircase wearing a black dress
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Beyoncé Knowles has revealed that she once suffered from psoriasis on her scalp. 

The 32-time Grammy Award winner revealed the news in an interview with Essence magazine. She chatted to the magazine to promote her haircare line, Cécred, which is dropping on February 20. 

Beyoncé gave the publication an inside into her haircare journey.

"I have many beautiful memories attached to my hair. From spending my childhood in my mother’s salon to my father applying oil on my scalp to treat my psoriasis— these moments have been sacred to me.”

According to MayoClinic, "psoriasis is a skin disease that causes a rash with itchy, scaly patches, most commonly on the knees, elbows, trunk and scalp".

Stars such as Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian also have psoriasis

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Beyoncé did not share any further details about her experience with psoriasis. She also explained how she came up with the name 'Cécred'.

"The conversations and debates in the salons and barbershops create a sense of community for the people who look to it as a retreat from their everyday lives," she told Essence

"I think that connection of community, mother and child, father and child, and respect— and allowing yourself to be taken care of, especially for Black women, who are always taking care of everyone else—it’s all sacred. So I took the end of my name, Cé, and made it the beginning of the word sacred to create Cécred. From my mother’s salon, daily rituals with my father, and years of experience in developing a hair care line, the journey has been just that: Cécred," Queen B added. 

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Beyoncé's photoshoot for the Essence magazine cover sparked an online debate about her real hair. Many accused the star of promoting her haircare line while wearing a wig/extensions. 

"My opinion isn’t important but, wouldn’t it had be nice if she showcased her 'natural black hair' for this cover? She looks amazing tho," one woman wrote.

Another woman added: "She discusses the legacy of black hair while she wears a Caucasian wig."

Essence confirmed in a post X that Queen B is rocking her real hair on the cover. 

"Me, Myself and Mine. To answer the question: The Main attraction is the Mane Attraction. Rocking her natural hair through and through we asked Beyoncé why her hair was so sacred," she said. 

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