Beyoncé unveils 'Cowboy Carter' tracklist featuring 'Jolene'

Beyoncé unveils 'Cowboy Carter' tracklist featuring 'Jolene'

Word on the street is that Beyoncé is covering Dolly Parton's Jolene' on her new album, and no one is more excited than the country star...

Beyonce wearing an all Demin outfit and white cowboy hat
Beyonce, Dolly Parton/ Instagram (@beyonce), RCA Nashville/Legacy

Is Beyoncé doing a cover of Dolly Parton's 1973 song 'Jolene'? The answer could be yes, based on her just-released album tracklist.

Act II of Beyoncé's Renaissance era looks set to one of the most exciting times of her career. 

The 42-year-old released the tracklist for her country-inspired album, 'Cowboy Carter', on Wednesday. The album, which is also known as 'Act II: Cowboy Carter', is the follow-up to Queen B's 2022 album, 'Renaissance'

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Beyoncé's new album features a whopping 27 songs. The song titles have piqued a lot of interest online. 

One of the tracks is called 'Jolene'. That song name is all too familiar to fans of country star Dolly Parton. 

The 78-year-old released her version of 'Jolene' in 1973 and it remains one of the most iconic tracks from her music catalogue more than 50 years later. 

Dolly revealed earlier this month that she heard Beyoncé is doing a cover of the song. 

"Well, I think she has! I think she's recorded ‘Jolene’ and I think it's probably gonna be on her country album, which I'm very excited about that,” she told Knox News

Dolly also showed the 'Break My Soul' hitmaker some love after some country radio stations refused to play her new songs.

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 Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter' tracklist all but confirms that she is going to - at the very least - pay homage to Dolly in some way. 

Another track on the album is called 'Dolly P'. 

Dolly's goddaughter Miley Cyrus features on 'II Most Wanted'. Miley is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. 

There's also a song dedicated to country legend Willie Nelson called, 'Smoke Hour Willie Nelson'.

Linda Martell, the first black woman to achieve major success as a country singer, also has a song named after her.

It's called 'The Linda Martell Show'. Like  Beyoncé, Linda was also shunned by some in the country music industry. Her career was marred by racism.

Miley is not the only feature on the album. Post Malone and Willie Jones are also guest artists. 

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Beyoncé has released two songs from her 'Cowboy Carter' album, which have already made history.  

She became the first black woman to claim the #1 spot on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart for her song 'Texas Hold 'Em'.

'16 Carriages' also made it to the top 10. 

 'Cowboy Carter' will be released on Friday, March 29. 

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Love it or hate it,  Beyoncé is coming for her country music crown.


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Main image credit: Instagram/@beyonce, RCA Nashville/Legacy

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