Balenciaga's $1,000 towel skirt is the latest fashion craze

Balenciaga's $1,000 towel skirt is the latest fashion craze

Say what? Balenciaga is selling a towel skirt that costs more than most people's monthly groceries. 

Model wearing Balenciaga's towel skirt
Image credit: Balenciaga

How much are you willing to spend on an outfit that makes you look like you just stepped out of a shower?  

Balenciaga is selling a unisex "towel skirt" for a whopping $925 (R16,873)! The knee-length skirt is made from Terry cotton. It has an adjustable belt with a buckle inside and two buttons at the waistline. 

The skirt is part of the luxury brand's Spring 2024 collection.

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We can't say we are surprised. This is the same brand that sold shoelace bow earrings for almost R4,000 in 2022.

While celebrities like Kim Kardashian - who is a big fan of Balenciaga - will no doubt be rushing to get their hands on the towel skirt, social media users had a lot to say about it.

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"Nah, Balenciaga a towel skirt? 😭 Who the f**k is the creative director over there," one X user wrote.

Another user added: "Balenciaga is just trolling humanity."

One woman said she won't be buying the towel as she has multiple towels in different colours at home that she can use. 

Some social media users have even taken to social media to share pictures of themselves rocking their towels. 


Not to be outdone, furniture brand, IKEA, decided to seize the moment and advertise their own range of $10 (R180) towels that can double up as a "towel skirt". 

"IKEA's in response to Balenciaga's $925 USD towel skirt (last slide). They created a shoot featuring a model dressed in IKEA's VINARN bath towel, priced at $10 USD. 😭 This is genius marketing," X user, @commuterny, said. 

We're not sure if Balenciaga is trolling us or if this is a weird marketing strategy to get people talking about the brand.

Whatever the reason, it won't be long before someone rich and/or famous - with too much money on their hands - is seen wearing the designer "towel skirt" in public!

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Main image credit: Balenciaga

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