Louis Vuitton mini handbag smaller than a salt grain

Louis Vuitton mini handbag smaller than a salt grain

What in the world are you going to put inside it?

Mini handbag smaller than a grain of salt
Mini handbag smaller than a grain of salt/Twitter/@HYPEBEAST

Fashion is something of a subjective experience, so it comes as no surprise that some designs can be really abstract in nature. 

Whether that comes in the form of colour, dynamics, design, or size, making a statement is the aim. 

A product design studio called, MSCHF, is known for its viral launches. And this time it's for something smaller than a grain of salt. 

They announced the release of the mini handbag that is so small, you would need a magnifying glass to see it. 

"The handbag is a miniature version of a Louis Vuitton OnTheGo tote and has been downsized to incredibly small dimensions. The purpose of the mini handbag is to satirize the trend of shrinking handbags, where practicality is sacrificed for fashion." (Instagram)

Well, that's one creative way of creating a spectacle when it comes to social behaviour. In essence, there is a clear differentiation when it comes to being stylish and practical. 

We're not certain whether the two should overlap, but the purpose of fashion has evolved. As much as style is a factor, a woman's handbag houses some important must-haves. 

And it is the responsibility of designers to incorporate a sense of practicability into their designs. 

Therefore, we can understand the satire and appreciate the messaging. 

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As you can imagine, the announcement of the handbag has created a stir on social media. Much to the amusement of many, with others questioning how it was constructed. 

"The handbag will debut at an event hosted by Pharrell Williams' auction house." (Instagram)

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