Louis Vuitton is selling ‘world’s ugliest jersey’ for close to R120,000!

Louis Vuitton is selling ‘world’s ugliest jersey’ for close to R120,000!

It’s been hailed as the ugliest designer jersey to ever go on sale – and fashion brand Louis Vuitton is charging a small fortune for it!

Louis Vuitton Ugliest Sweater

French fashion brand Louis Vuitton has been the joke of the industry this week after launching what fashionistas have been calling the ‘world’s ugliest jersey’. The brand is renowned for its premium pricing, but people around the world are shocked at the item’s R120,000 price tag.

The black jersey is covered with puppets and crocheted toys and has left a sour taste in the mouth of fashion fundis around the world.

Louis Vuitton says that the garment “showcases the playful puppets that are a major theme this season.” It adds that the jersey is “exclusively made-to-order. Knitted in a regular fit from soft merino wool, it is adorned with 14 puppets crafted from crochet and jersey. A half-zip at the front ensures that the neckline remains in shape."

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The item is covered in 14 crocheted toys, including a green frog, a black and white panda, and a grey octopus. Many have called the piece "childish" and felt like they were having the wool pulled over their eyes with the item’s ridiculous price tag.

Naturally, social media users have had a few hilarious things to say about the item online.

"At last a use for your old teddies," one user said. Another used the coronavirus pandemic to try and explain this monstrosity. "They say Covid is responsible for loss of taste and so..."

A third added: "Even the model looks unhappy. Is there not enough going on in 2021 without lumbering us with this?"

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However, some fashion fans enjoyed the quirky design of the jersey. "'I LOVE it,” one woman tweeted. “So unique. And never be lost without a soft toy. Never be lonely ever again!"

What do you think about the jersey? Would you wear something like this? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: Louis Vuitton

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