Has Balenciaga gone too far with these earrings?

Has Balenciaga gone too far with these earrings?

Seriously though, would you pay for these earrings?

Balenciaga Shoelace bow earrings
Balenciaga Shoelace bow earrings/Twitter Screenshot/@NLAHamilton

We have seen some crazy things being fashioned on the catwalk before. And that's okay, because that's the space where designers take chances, design boldly, and create their own trends. 

But to what extent? Is there a line where luxury brands get to create pieces that are considered average to some and trendy to others?

The most recent item in question - Balenciaga's shoelace earrings...

Of course we have seen the likes of Kim Kardashian and Lizzo pushing the boundaries with the caution tape body suit... But in the 'real world', we don't think it will make the cut. 

So to see an item such as the shoelace bow earrings is one thing, but then to see the price leaves us shook.

Over R3,000 for a pair! 

Of course you pay for quality, for the name, but these look like something we can craft ourselves. No offence, Balenciaga. 

"Balenciaga – under the leadership of creative director Demna Gvasalia- recently unveiled their Shoelace Bow Earrings, which retails for $261 (almost R4 000). But don’t expect any premium metals or precious stones, the earrings are literally made out of shoelaces." (MSN)

There's more though. The product description leaves us laughing out loud. The inspiration behind the item is said to be highlighting the creative director's ability to use "everyday objects" and transform them into Balenciaga jewellery. 

You can shop these earrings here

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