Taylor Swift ropes in Blond:ish for 'Fortnight' remix

Taylor Swift ropes in Blond:ish for 'Fortnight' remix

The sad lyrics paired with the happy beat give off the vibe of "I'm so depressed I act like it’s my birthday"... 

Taylor Swift 'Fortnight' featuring Post Malone (Blond:ish Remix)
The cover art for Taylor Swift's 'Fortnight' featuring Post Malone (Blond:ish Remix) single/Supplied

Taylor Swift has teamed up with Canadian DJ Blond:ish for an epic remix of her number one song with Post Malone. 

'Fortnight', the Blond:ish remix, was officially released on Wednesday, May 22. 

The DJ, whose real name is Vivie-ann Bakos, shared a snippet of the remix on her social media pages. 

"@taylorswift, but make it summer... My Fortnight remix with Taylor Swift and @postmalone just dropped! Comment and I’ll DM you the remix ;)" she wrote on Instagram.

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"Sad lyrics. Happy beat. Love it!" one of Blond:ish's followers commented. 

Another user wrote: "So we’re crying on the dance floor this summer? Ok I guess I’m down bad."

The reviews were equally favourable on Taylor's YouTube page. 

"The sad lyrics with the happy beat is giving 'I'm so depressed I act like it’s my birthday' vibes," a YouTube user named Ashley commented. 

'I Had Some Help' - Post Malone and Morgan Wallen release new song

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Post Malone is on a roll these days. 

His collaboration with Taylor Swift and Blond:ish was released a few weeks after he dropped 'I Had Some Help' featuring country star Morgan Wallen.

In March, he teamed up with Beyoncé on 'LEVII'S JEANS' for her album, 'Cowboy Carter'. 

Taylor released her Blond:ish remix two fortnights after the original song debuted. The track made it to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

It is currently the top song on the ECR Top 40 with Danny brought to you by CTM.

Listen to the original version of 'Fortnight' below. 

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