Sir Rod Stewart shades "old ginger b*llocks" Ed Sheeran

Sir Rod Stewart shades "old ginger b*llocks" Ed Sheeran

Will Ed Sheeran's music stand the test of time? Rod Stewart doesn't seem to think so...

Ed Sheeran playing a guitar near a train track
Ed Sheeran/YouTube ('American Town' live acoustic video)

Sir Rod Stewart is weighing in on which young musicians he thinks will be remembered years from now... and spoiler alert, it is not Ed Sheeran.

The 79-year-old British rockstar was asked his thoughts during an interview with The Times. Rod tried to recall the name of a talented British singer that he really likes. 

When the publication asked Rod if it was Ed, he replied: "No, not Ed, I don’t know any of his songs, old ginger b*llocks."


Ed, who has produced hits such as 'Perfect', 'Shape of You', and 'Thinking Out Loud', is one of the most successful male artists in the world. 

He has been nominated for 17 Grammys and won four. Several of the 32-year-old's love songs are wedding favourites. 

However, this is not good enough for Rod. The artist he was actually thinking of was English singer and songwriter, George Ezra

"I think he writes really tremendous songs. He’ll be around for quite a while," Rod said, according to Billboard

But not everyone agrees with the 'Maggie May' hitmaker. X (formerly Twitter) users came to Ed's defence.

"I love both Rod Stewart and Ed Sheeran but saying Ed music won’t stand the test of time is wrong. Perfect is already a classic and it is played at most weddings. It is definitely one of the most memorable songs of all time," one X user wrote.

A second user wrote: "That's your opinion... For me Ed's music will be enjoyed by generations to come."

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Rod is releasing an album with Jools Holland called, 'Swing Fever', on February 23.  

The pair are also gearing up for the release of their latest song, 'Pennies from Heaven', which is dropping on the most romantic day of the year.

"We’re thrilled to announce that ‘Pennies from Heaven,’ the latest single from our forthcoming album ‘Swing Fever,’ will make its grand debut on Valentine’s Day. It’s a track filled with love, joy, and the kind of magic that only swing music can bring," they wrote on Instagram.

Will 'Pennies from Heaven' stand the test of time? 

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Main image credit: YouTube/ Ed Sheeran 'American Town' (live acoustic) video

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