Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' back on the charts following Grammys

Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' back on the charts following Grammys

The music legend made a surprise appearance at the Grammys, in turn increasing downloads of her music...

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs performing together
Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs performing 'Fast Car' together/ Instagram (@recordingacademy)

Tracy Chapman's classic, 'Fast Car', is back on the music charts nearly 36 years after its release. The song shot to #1 on the US iTunes Song Chart this week. 

The 59-year-old performed the song, which was released in 1988, at the 2024 Grammys on Sunday. Tracy performed alongside country singer Luke Combs

Luke released his own version of the track in 2023, which sparked renewed interest in Tracy's hit.  

She is credited as a songwriter on the song as Luke kept the original lyrics. Tracy made country music history last year when she became the first black songwriter to win 'Song of the Year' at the Country Music Association Awards.

Tracy's appearance at the Grammys was completely unexpected as she was not listed as a performer. 

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The singer received a standing ovation from stars such as Taylor Swift, who was spotted in the crowd singing along. 

Viewers were equally impressed. 

"Man her eyes just sparkle like diamonds. Her skin is beautiful her voice heavenly but the joy on her face is unmatched. I can’t watch this enough. Luke looks like his whole freaking year was made - a kid seeing a dream come true. Beautiful performance," one Instagram user wrote.

Another user commented: "'Fast Car' is one of the greatest songs ever! Seeing Tracy smile at different points made me so emotional. I loved how Luke let her shine through and through and you can see the immense amount of respect and admiration he has for her. The best performance of the night! 

Luke has been a fan of Tracy's music since he was five years old. He revealed that his father often played 'Fast Car' when they travelled in the car together. 

He found the original cassette they used to listen to during their car drives. 

"It's one of the first songs I ever remember hearing riding around in the truck with my dad. I was probably gosh, I don't know, five years old, something like that. And he had that album on cassette tape and that song has just always been a big part of my life ever since I can remember," Luke told Smooth Country's Eamonn Kelly in an interview.

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Tracy's self-titled debut album and 'Greatest Hits' album also climbed up the charts following her duet with Luke. 

Her 'Fast Car' music video also claimed the top spot on the iTunes Video Chart shortly after her performance. 

Tracy has not been on tour since 2009. However, music lovers are hoping that will change in 2024! 


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Main image credit: Instagram/@recordingacademy

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