Celebrities who have battled alcohol abuse

Three South African celebrities who have battled alcohol abuse

These South African celebrities have opened up about their struggles with alcohol abuse. 

Cassper Nyovest Instagram photo in black shirt
Cassper Nyovest Instagram photo in black shirt

Alcohol abuse continues to be a problem not only in South Africa, but around the world. 

Millions of people die every year due to problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

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Drinking too much alcohol too often not only destroys one's physical being, but it can interfere with your life in so many other ways, including relationships and work.

Signs of alcohol abuse include: 

- Having trouble controlling your drinking. 

- You spend a lot of your income on buying alcohol. 

- Missing work because of alcohol. 

- In order to get the buzz you want, you need to drink much more than before. 

- You get annoyed/irritated/moody when you haven't had a drink. 

- When you have to make excuses to get a drink. 

- The drinking is negatively affecting your relationships and you find yourself becoming distant from your loved ones. 

- You have been told you have a drinking problem by your family, friends or colleagues. 

- Drinking in secrecy or alone to avoid being judged. 

- Your life is getting out of control because of your use of alcohol. 

- Feeling hungover even when not drinking. 

- You want to stop drinking, but you can't. 

- When your appearance changes due to too much drinking. Examples are when you start to gain weight or develop a pot belly or you develop a face that looks puffy and bloated from drinking.

- Using alcohol to deal with stress. 

- When you start developing temporary blackouts or short-term memory loss. 

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Over the years, several South African celebrities have opened up about battling with alcohol abuse. 

The latest one to open up is Cassper Nyovest. 

In an interview with Mpoomy Ledwaba, the rapper said he suffered from a liver condition due to excessive consumption of alcohol. 

"My mom actually reminded me last week, I had a liver problem and I was drinking a lot and the doctors were telling me they couldn't do anything about my liver," said Cassper. 

The rapper says he "prayed on it and then it went away".

However, when asked if he had stopped drinking, he said he is still drinking because he sells an alcohol brand. 

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Zahara was very open about her battle with alcohol. 

Late last year, weeks before her passing, her older sister Nomonde told City Press that doctors had warned Zahara about her drinking problem. 

She was reportedly diagnosed with liver failure and warned by the doctors that, “if she continues drinking, she is going to die”, her sister told the publication. 

Zahara died on 11 December. 

Another South African celebrity who battled with alcohol abuse is Zodwa wa Bantu. 

The socialite opened up about her alcohol abuse in an Instagram video posted in 2021.

She showed a video of herself checking into the Africa Rehabilitation Centre for help.

“Good morning guys, doctor ngiyaziletha kuwe …..I am tired,” she said in the video. 

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