Mom's reaction to her 18-year-old's first taste of alcohol

Mom's reaction to her 18-year-old's first taste of alcohol

How would you react to your kids drinking alcohol in your presence?

Teenager holding balloons and a bottle of alcohol
Teenager holding balloons and a bottle of alcohol/TikTok Screenshot/@modjadji_mogale

After finding out that the French cliche about kids consuming wine was true, we must admit that it is a controversial topic. 

In our minds, we want to enjoy our kids as kids for as long as we can. Thinking about them reaching an age where they would want to drink alcohol is just nerve-wracking.

One teenager reminded us that as parents we have to be cognisant of the idea that at some point, this is something our kids will be old enough to do. 

And how we deal with it will say a lot about our relationship with our kids and how we parent. 

An older sister decided that it would be fun to video her 18-year-old sister showing their mom what she intended to drink on her 18th birthday. 

And as the 18-year-old walked into the house confidently holding a bottle of alcohol, the mom was surprisingly cool about it all.

Having an open and honest relationship with your parents is a big deal and it certainly says a lot that the young lady was comfortable enough to share this with her mother instead of hiding it from her. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@modjadji_mogale My moms reaction to my younger sister having her first legal drink..❤️ #HappyBirthday #Finally18 ♬ original sound - Miss M

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Many people were stunned at how relaxed and supportive her mother was. 

Of course, we can understand why some parents are a bit reluctant to allow their kids to drink alcohol in front of them. There's this assumption that it's crossing a line in some way. 

But we believe that each family has their own way of gelling together and openness works better for some and not so much for others. Do what works for your family and everything else should be A-okay.

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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